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Day 36 with Tilda-Hilda

Tilda-Hilda's and my mantra today was: Traverse, traverse, traverse. Zig-zag up the hill.

Because we have a late morning appointment, we did a short ride today. It was invigorating. I averaged an 11.1 mph pace on our 7.77 mile route (I love the redundancy in digits) in 42 minutes.

I discovered something today. A bicycle ride can clear up a morning headache. Yaay!

Until the next time.


  1. Look at you go. I envy you and am happy that it cleared up your headache

  2. Cure for headaches? I Gotta remember that.
    Hope your appointment is for something Jolly.
    No matter what - I Trust it will conclude with a Happy Outcome and Inspiration for your next Tilda-Hilda Adventure . . . happy day!

    1. Took the Godmother to her hand therapy session. Her exercises will help my hands, too. How cool is that.

  3. You and Tilda are quite the pair. She is such good company and just takes you where you want to go.

    1. That's for sure, Manzi. She's my trusty steed. :-)


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