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Day 27 with Tilda-Hilda

Tilda-Hilda and I pedaled to and from Tres Pinos again. We rode about 13 miles in 74 minutes.

She's posing in front of the Immaculate Conception Church at the southern edge of Tres Pinos. That's where the parents had me baptized when I was a baby. It's a pretty little wooden church that was built in 1892. I'm not a religious person, but I do like the feeling of spirit and community that I get whenever I step inside. I also like looking at the gorgeous stained glass windows. To see photos of the windows and a few of the statues on the grounds, head over to this post at my other blog, Take 25 to Hollister.

Tilda-Hilda and I passed by an assortment of roadkill this morning—a very tiny skunk, a ground squirrel, a snake, and a jack rabbit. Poor fellows. May they rest in peace.


  1. poor critters! the skunky must not have smelt good. At least you went to the church which seems fitting. This is a pretty church. I love the uniqueness of it. The church I was baptised in looks typical 1960's-boring

    1. This was the second skunk we passed by on our rides. Neither had a smell to them, thank goodness.

      Some folks may have said boring about this church long ago. So, you never know, that boring 1960s church may be unique to someone today.

  2. What a lovely wooden spire!

  3. Susie,

    I love looking at churches. Each one has its own character and treasures. We don't find skunks, ground squirrels and jack rabbits where we live. Our roadkill usually includes wombats, kangaroos, wallabies and possums. Sad to see them lying dead on the roads. Our cars usually look rather sad too. Our car was once written off after a collision with a kangaroo.

    1. I've got an interesting mental image of a car and kangaroo meeting in the middle of the road. It looks more like something from a Bugs Bunny cartoon. lol. Over here, cars meet up with deer. Poor dears.


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