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Day 10 with Tilda-Hilda

Thinking about eating a peanut butter and chipotle spread sandwich for breakfast is what inspired me to keep pedaling up the steepest part of my ride this morning.

Today was about a 9-mile ride in 53 minutes. We stopped in front of some plastic tunnels for Tilda-Hilda's photo. Every year, more farms in the area are using these tunnels for growing their crops.

By the way, the sandwich was delicious.


  1. I am a little hungry so that sandwich sounds good. I wonder why the farmers are covering the crops instead of it being out in the open?

    1. The plastic tunnels make it warmer for the plants to start growing and I guess to grow faster. I notice that more farmers are growing berries but our temps are generally cooler without help from the tunnels.

  2. My daddy and i used to compete in our sandwich making - with peanut butter as one of the main ingreddients - but, we never thought of adding chipotle.

    Now i look forward to Tilda-Hilda Stories and photos . . thank you.

    1. Peanut butter and kimchi sandwich is yummy, too.


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