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U is for the Utensil Choir

Earlier this month, the Husband and I entertained ourselves while he washed dishes and I dried them. The result was a rundown of the utensil choir. This is the make up of the choir, according to the Husband, a musician at heart.
The soup spoon sings bass.  
The special spoon, which is a Korean soup spoon, sings baritone. 
Teaspoons sing soprano, while tablespoons sing alto or tenor. 
Forks sing four-part harmony, of course.
Salad forks? Three-part harmony!
Knives are tone deaf. When they sing, the sound cuts to the heart.
I didn't want the knives to feel left out, so I let them hold the music sheet for everyone.

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  1. I like the idea of the utensils actually having voices and singing - I wonder if they do it in secret while they're in the drawer?

    I remember when I was at school one of the music teachers had a tuning fork, I used to love the sound of that.

    1. I like to think the utensils are having a songfest in their drawer. :-)

  2. Replies
    1. Sometimes I'm a tablespoon and sometimes I'm a knife.

  3. hahahaaaaa-That is funny:) I must be a knife because all you would want me to do is hold the music sheets:)

    1. I wonder what a whole bunch of knives singing together would sound like. Would we all sing off-key in the same places?

  4. How cute! I love using household objects to make music.

    1. I think it would be fun to have a spoons band. Even march in parades.

  5. Your utensil choir makes me want to have Korean food. Sounds good right now.

  6. This is fabulous! A super terrific idea . . . This morning i stopped at a diner, while i sipped my coffee I was entranced by a wall clock with lots of kitchen utensils sticking out from the sides . . what an interesting song they must have been rehearsing . . . .

  7. Ha ha - how brilliant! Bet it sounded great.


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