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N is for Nighttime Snack

"Let's have a snack," said the Daddy. He sat in his Lazy-boy recliner, while my teenage self stretched out on the couch beside him. It was a summer night, with the doors and windows still wide open for the breeze. A rerun show played on the TV, at which I looked up now and then from the book I read.

Without doubt, that scene took place around nine o'clock, the usual time the Daddy called for a snack when he was in the mood. The Daddy's favorite nighttime snack were the doughnuts without the hole that I made from canned biscuits. They were quick and easy to make, about 10 minutes, if I recall correctly.

As the oil heated in the iron skillet, I opened the cardboard can of biscuits, the best part of making the doughnuts. Pow! A satisfying blow against the edge of the corner. Pop! The eight (or was it 10) small, soft, slices of dough smiled between the cardboard.

Carefully, I dropped the round slices into the heated oil in the skillet. Sizzle. Sizzle. Sizzle. I quickly stirred cinnamon and sugar on a plate.  When the doughnuts were a golden brown, I transferred them to the plate and tossed them in the sweet topping. Voila! Cinnamon doughnuts.

The Daddy already sat at the table, ready to dig into his nighttime snack.

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  1. That sounds totally delicious :)
    ~AJ Lauer
    an A-Z Cohost
    @ayjaylauer on Twitter

    1. For me now, more so, because it was something that the Daddy and I shared.

  2. Yes, they were only crumbs of those donuts ...!

  3. yes and you are a natural Susieee, wonderful memories too

  4. Replies
    1. Back then, yes, they were. Don't know about whether they would be today.

  5. What a beautiful and enchanting memory. They do sound good:) My dad would also have a snack but he would just pour corn syrup in a bowl and spoon it into his mouth

  6. Oh yum. That sounds so good. And now I want a donut at 1am. lol

  7. Your story is beautifully nostalgic. I enjoyed reading it.

    An A-to-Z Participant
    Letters from the Land of Cherry Blossoms

  8. I'm ready to enjoy that "Midnight Snack" - right now . . a kind of Breakfast Extravaganza . . .
    sounds fun.

  9. Yuuuummm. Cinnamon toast on a doughnut!!!


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