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Uhm, Hanging Out at Twitter

If I want to, I can start my social security benefits at the end of the year. So, do I really want to finally learn about social media? This came to mind yesterday afternoon when I wanted to know something about Twitter hashtags. Yes, indeed, I can cross that off my January To-do list.

Learning about Twitter hashtags opened up a new can of black beans. (Not worms, because there are a lot of them in our compost bin.) Just like that, I found an easy-to-comprehend article about hashtags. That got me curious to go to my Twitter account, which I rarely do because I plead the old person's lament of "I don't understand how it works." Yet, I have a Twitter account that is hooked up to the Facebook pages for my two blogs -- this one and Take 25 to Hollister. A technical friend told me I could do that, so I did and left it at that. Until yesterday morning when I daringly added a hashtag to a Facebook post. I had to find out if I used it correctly and appropriately.

So, there I was at Twitter. No story to tell other than amongst my clicking of here and there, I came across The 9 Must-Read Social Media Aricles of 2014. I probably would've passed on reading the article if a cute old typewriter wasn't at the top of the page. That article lead me to three more articles, of which one or all may interest you.


  1. I don't think i will ever use twitter. I don't see the reason for me, that is. I have no idea what all the hashtags mean anyway unless it has something to do with the 60's and brownies

    1. hahahahahah. Yes, I remember the brownies. Well.

  2. Replies
    1. Not really. Molly the Cat and the Mama are making sure of that. The Husband, too.


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