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Things to Do in January

I'm one of those people who has good intentions of doing things. I'm also one of those people who needs to make a To-Do list to keep her focused on performing the tasks. Some times I even complete every item on the list. That said, here are the things I want to accomplish in January.

Put photos back into the Mama's albums.  Now, this item I ought to be able to finish in a flash.

Make cafe curtains for the kitchen window. A few years ago, I made easy-peasy yellow curtains that are not the easiest to scoot along the rod. I did not put the centerpiece for holding up the rod in the precise center, which bugs a certain precise person, who shall be nameless, and possibly the other precise person, who shall also be nameless, in this household.

Make a bird feeder. The screw mechanism for the cover of the feeder failed sometime last year. But, because the birds can still balance and eat on the feeder, I've ignored replacing it. Recently, the birds have taken to pooping on the cover. Maybe, it's their way of saying "Get us a new feeder." I'm sure a Google search will come up with a DIY feeder that requires not much of a fuss from my end.

Purchase milkweed seeds to help save monarch butterflies. The migrating process between Canada and Mexico of the monarch butterfly is at risk of being endangered, which essentially would affect the ecosystems that this species visits. I live in an area that's along the butterflies' path. I only see a few come through these days, unlike when I was a kid who could go into a field and be surrounded by them. Check out this article, if you want to learn more about the migrating monarch butterflies.

Learn what Twitter hash tags are all about. I think it's time.

Ha! I just realized that with every item I do, I have a potential post. Stay tuned, dear readers.


  1. I having been thinking about making a list for the things I am thinking about doing this year:) I am glad you are buying milkweed seeds. I used to see so many monarchs when i was a kid and was happy to see 5 last year which is up from 1 the year before.

    1. 5 monarch this year to 1 last year is great. Monarchs were all over when I was a kid, too. Today, I found a few places in my region that sells milkweed seeds and plugs. Now to find out when is the best time to plant them.


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