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An Early Morning Mellow Yellow

Molly the Cat's and my pre-breakfast routine is to fill the bird feeder in the front yard. We do that for the Mama, who worries that the wild birds can't find anything to eat, especially in the winter. I think Molly likes this routine as much as I do. It feels great breathing in the crisp, cool air while the early morning sunlight bathes our bodies. 

I'm usually the second one up in the household. Every so often, I'm the first. Molly is no where to be seen until I've opened the kitchen curtains. Voila! The sleepy-eyed cat is sitting before me. Yawning. And, as I take a step towards her, she stretches in all her glory.

"Shall we go outside?" I ask, turning the locks to the front door. Molly pads over. When I open the screen door, she rushes out to the sound of birds flapping out of the yard.

Not to worry, Molly's meow is worse than her bite. She likes to watch birds and occasionally chase them. But, that's it. She caught a bird once, and had no idea what to do with it other than run around with it in her mouth. That's another story, perhaps, one day.

Today, I'm linking up with Gemma Watson's Monday Mellow Yellows. Click here to check out posts by other bloggers from around the world.


  1. Yes, pretty sunbeams early in the morning!

  2. What a pretty picture! Miss Molly sounds like a sweetheart. We have a wonderful -12 C right now.

    1. Brrrrrrrrr. I don't think I have enough jackets to pile on me to handle your temperature.


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