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Ready to Go!

Tomorrow, I start another 30-day challenge of keeping excessive, delicious carbohydrates out of my diet.

It's called the Sweet Fire Challenge, lead by nutrition education Mary Toscano. I completed another of her 30-day challenges in August. My poor eating and non-exercise habits began creeping back a few weeks ago, so when I learned about this new challenge, I decided to jump in before I gain back the pounds and inches I've lost, as well as lose all the sensibilities I've gained.

I'm doing the extreme challenge, which requires that I follow three simple rules from November 11 to December 10:
1. No food or alcohol after 7:30 p.m.
2. No foods with flour or with more than 20 grams of sugars per serving
3. Do 30 minutes of exercise, or do 7,000 steps, every day.

Soooooo, today, I ate sourdough bread and a maple old-fashioned doughnut for lunch. I'll probably have a bit more sourdough bread for dinner, along with three or four mini mini-chocolate-chip-cookies.  Yes, yes, I ate—and shall eat—veggies and protein with my meal.

I'm sure I can do this 30-day challenge. Again. With the help of Tilda-Hilda, my beautiful pink cruiser, of course.


  1. Good going. Would around 3 miles equal 7,000 steps?

    1. About 3.5 mils, Manzi. I have a short stride so I'd probably do 3 miles, if that.

  2. OK...For me, to close to Christmas but I commend you on your fortitude and determination! Tilda-Hilda will be on active duty this coming month

    1. Tilda-Hilda has a flat! I've been walking this week and was ready to out for a ride today. Looks like I may be walking a lot during this challenge. Maybe it'll make my knees feel better.

  3. Replies
    1. She gets to rest until I fix her flat. Methinks she may be happy for the time off.


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