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Meet Tilda-Hilda

Finally, after 10 years, I have named the pink cruiser bicycle that I pedal. Say Hello to Tilda-Hilda.

Isn't she pretty? She's a bit shy, but very dependable. That Tilda-Hilda. Since December 31 of last year, she has taken me about 558 miles, which is like making three round trips from my hometown to San Francisco. Wowza!  

And, in all that time, she has only had one flat tire, which I wrote about over here. That's a pretty good feat since I have a way of not noticing what I run over.

I am very proud of Tilda-Hilda. She gets a gold star. I get one too, for pedaling her all that much.

Update of the Congressman Sam Farr 30-Day Challenge

Yesterday (Monday) began the third week of the challenge. Whoo-hooo!

I shall toot my horn and say that I have been strong and skipped the ice cream, sesame balls, Filipino sweet flour balls, and fruit tarts when they were readily available.

I'm already thinking about what I want to do when this challenge is over. I heard that when you do something 30 days in a row, that thing becomes a habit. Don't think that works for me. On Sunday morning, I smelled pancakes at least twice on my ride and thought that's what I want when this is over. Then this morning, I pedaled through the shopping plaza that houses the best doughnuts in town. Yeah, you got it. I wanted a doughnut. But, not enough to break the challenge.  So, good for me.

Same thing with exercising. Will  I have built enough gumption by the end of 30 days to continue to bicycling and walking on a daily basis? We shall see.

Now, where shall Tilda-Hilda and I go tomorrow?


  1. Susie,

    I admire you greatly, not just for staying away from pancakes and donuts, but getting on a bike every day. I am a terrible cyclist. My mother never let me have a bike when I was a child. She thought I'd ride down the big hill we lived on and have a huge accident at the bottom. I had my first real bike ride as an adult and nearly killed myself when I swerved into the pathway of a bus. That was scary! Perhaps my mother was right keeping me away from bikes. These days I like to have at least one of my feet on the ground when I'm exercising.

    Tilda-Hilda? Did the name just pop into your head or does it have special meaning? You have certainly travelled a long way together!

    1. Your experience with the bus would freak me out, too. I have the same problem with jumping. I have no idea where the fear stems from. I thought jumping out of a plane would cure it. Nope. I still don't have the nerve to jump into a pool even though I'm a good swimmer. Go figure.

      I took a "What's your old lady name?" quiz on Facebook and the result was Hilda, which I think is a very cool name. While I was pedaling the other day, I thought I'm Hilda and the bicycle was Tilda, which I also like the sound of. But it didn't seem to suit the bicycle. So, I thought of calling her Hilda but that seemed incomplete. And, suddenly, she was Tilda-Hilda before I knew it.

  2. Good for you! Will power is the biggest thing and so hard to do. I hope to get back to my swimming and walking which i have been very poor at. I love to hear how you are doing as you are inspiring me:) It is hard to turn away from such sweet temptations. I wonder how you will feel the first time, after a month, you bite down on a nice treat? I am hypoglycemic so I wonder if you will have any heart palpitations etc... I believe you will keep cycling as now you have named your bike and it is a great name!

    1. I get heart palpitations when I eat a lot of sweets. Sometimes I break out in a sweat or get very sleepy. Last year, I took a bunch of tests that showed I was right on the edge of diabetes. But, still I resisted of going cold turkey with the desserts. Three weeks into this challenge, I'm finally learning willpower. Thanks for the encouragement, Birgit.

  3. Hello Tilda-Hilda. You are an Empress among bicycles!!! :D

    Sadly my summer of bicycling looks like it's over. (for the time being at least) Me arthriticals in me kneez have finally reached the 'STAY-OFF-ME-OR-YOU'LL-BE-SORRY' stage. I have an appt with an orthopod in September and hopefully all I'll need is some non-invasive stuff done. So, pedal a few more kilometers for me.

    1. I thought of you and "Identical" the other day, as I was pedaling. THe day was dark and muggy. If we weren't in a drought, we would've had a great thunderstorm.

      Knocking on wood for you that it'll be non-invasive stuff. I have knee problems too. So far, so good on the bicycle, knock on wood. It's walking that does them in. After a couple of miles, it's hard to lift my legs.

    2. Oooooo! Life imitating art! :)

  4. Wow that's some excellent biking. And she's lovely! I haven't had a bike in more years than I can even remember.

    That would so not be the challenge for me. I don't think I'd get any of them done ever. lol Great job on keeping it up!


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