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30 Days towards a Healthy Lifestyle

Tomorrow starts the 30-Day Sam Farr Challenge for me. Sam Farr is my representative  in the U.S. House of Representatives and last week he decided to take health educator Mary Toscano's invitation to a 30-day healthy lifestyle challenge. In so doing, he invited his constituents to join him.

In a nutshell, from tomorrow, July 12, until August 12, I will follow these three rules:
  • No food or alcohol after 7:30 PM.
  • No foods with flour (including gluten-free flours) or more than 20 grams of sugars (per serving).
  • Complete 1 hour of exercise of 10,000 steps daily.
I feel confident that I can handle rules #1 and #3 quite easily.

Thirty days without pasta, bread, cereal, ice cream, cookies, and pie? That will be the toughie for me. It's the primary reason I decided to take the challenge. I've slipped back into the habit of eating desserts, rolls, pasta, and such, knowing full well that they aren't good for my eczema, estrogen dominance, and right-at-the-border diabetes. I need to go cold turkey and I'm using this 30-day challenge to help me get through it.

So, what did I do yesterday, the last day I could indulge in flour and sugar. I ate pizza for lunch. And, at dinner, I ate pesto pasta and a BIG portion of double chocolate with fudge ice cream.

I am ready!


  1. In'it funny how we overindulge in what we're about to relinquish? Good luck with the challenge. :)

  2. I am trying to catch up on all my blog reading:) Good for you to take this challenge on. Actually I am hypoglycemic so I am not supposed to have any sugar, starch or caffeine. I have cheated of course and do have whole wheat but it is tough. I loved the Jimmy Museum and Lucille Ball museum. We were in each for hours. I loved that they showed Jimmy Stewarts geneology history and family. We walked all over and found his birth place(just the steps remain) and his home where he grew up. Unfortunately, I was dealing with numbness and itchiness before I left and then bad pain and a rash came on-yup I got shingles-not fun. You know I should get back on my diet and try to walk when I can. Once I am better I will try again-you may have inspired me:)

  3. Ouch! Shingles. Hope you're feeling better. I'm behind with my blog reading, too. Hope to get back on the wagon with writing and reading next week. :-)


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