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Writer's Block

This year I decided to enter a couple of flower arrangements in our county fair. Never done it before. Entered the flower arrangement division, that is. Nor, for that matter, made a flower arrangement. So, why do it?

Well, it's because I'm turning 60 soon and this year has been all about doing new stuff. My friend Jennifer challenged me on my last birthday when she thought it was my 60th birthday.  That still cracks me up. I'm glad she got it wrong. I may not have even thought about doing some of the things I already have.

So, anyway, here is one of my fair entries. It's called -- appropriately -- Writer's Block.


  1. Loverlee...... Is that some kind of day lily? Did you win a prize? 60 is a baby yet. Ask the Mama and me. But it's always a good idea to try new things. You bettcha.

    1. Yup, I won a Blue Ribbon! My first one, too. Whoo-hooo! It's a Stargazer Lily. Nice aroma, but very strong. It plugs up my nose.

  2. Sue, I can see that yellow rose the contrast of the lily, blue and yellow...
    just like you to weave your sense of humor I'm going to also ask what was the prize??Somehow I know you've already won....

    1. I received a Blue Ribbon -- first place! I also got second place for my dry arrangement with a found basketball and toy rocket, and a 4th place for one of my photos. I plan on entering more categories next year. Maybe, try a crafts thing, too. It's a lot of fun.


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