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The Mama's Roses

The theme is still the inability to get started. That is, the brain of my mine.  

Plutter... Pletter... Splutttttt....The sounds that the brain of my mine has been making.

So, on Saturday, I tried to jump start the brain of mine by snatching up the camera and going outside.

Some of the Mama's roses are in bloom. Take that cold weather, they seem to say.

And, yes, the roses, the snapping of photos, the doing of something creative seems to have sparked something in the brain of my mine.

Of course, dear readers, I must share with you the Mama's roses.

© 2013 Su-sieee! Mac. All rights reserved.


  1. Roses in January/February. I remember that from my life in Florida. Mama lives in the right spot to have such gorgeous flowers growing year around. Tell her I also have a rose garden, here in this snow and cold country but they only have beauty in the summer.
    Happy Monday .... as I now go to renew my driver's lic. I barely squeaked through on the eye test last time.... Yipes, I'm a little nervous.

  2. Manzi, hope you pass the eye test. The Mama failed it years ago, which she still blames the eye doctor and the test giver. hahaha

  3. widdershins, that's exactly what I thought. Brave and beautiful.


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