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So Says the Mama

After almost nine years of living with the Mama, the Husband and I sometimes find ourselves saying one of the Mama's infamous phrases. The first few times, the Husband heard her say them, he asked me, "Why does she say that?" Like I would know. But, I did try my best to reason out why she might. Now that the phrases pop out of the Husband's mouth, he may be able to explain to me why she would say such a thing. 

Here are two of our  favorite phrases of the Mama.

Lots of people there?
The Husband and I come home from a party, a hike in a park, a local function, a something.

"Hello," we call out, as we enter the house. "Hello, hello." We usually have to say "Hello" a few times because the Mama doesn't answer right away, even if she happens to be in the living room, which is just a short hallway from the front door.

When she doesn't answer, which, as the Husband says, is normally a grunt, I go searching for her.

"We're home," I say, when I see her.

Her response: "Lots of people there?"

They cannot fool me!

The Mama looks up from a piece of junk mail she has been reading. She hands me the letter and asks, "What do they want?"

I scan the letter to make sure it's not anything important. I make a big point of taking more than 30seconds to look at it. Otherwise, the Mama will think I am not really reading it. When I'm sure it's just a solicitation, I give it back to her and say, "They want your money."

"They cannot fool me!" says the Mama, as she returns the letter, along with the envelope, to me so I can  tear them into pieces and dump them in the garbage.

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  1. this is one of the funniest posts i've read in a while. i love it becuz it's sweet and funny. mama is like my mom when she hands me a letter. i have on occasion not read them carefully and paid the price later when she made the discovery:)


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