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In the Middle of the Night


She looked up from her bowl. As she swallowed her bite, she gazed at a shadow in front of her.

She turned to inspect the world behind her. She slowly peered beyond me for the source of the sound, and, possibly, the shadow. Feeling safe, she went back to her nightly snack.


She stopped in mid-bite and turned quickly again. Her head slightly moved as she scanned the room. I thought I saw a faint light scamper through the darkness of the nearby kitchen. I shivered.

"Ah, Molly, you're scaring me."

Molly the Cat did not reassure me. She didn't even acknowledge me. She took one last glance around the room, then turned and ate one more morsel of food.

"I'm going to bed." I said, shaking off my spooky thoughts.

Molly the Cat followed me down the hall. As I went left to go up the stairs, she went right into the dark kitchen to do whatever she does at night, while the rest of us sleep soundly, oblivious to her grand adventures—and to visiting spirits.

© 2012 Su-sieee! Mac. All rights reserved.


  1. when i get the urge fer a midnight snack, i don't fight it.

  2. Hahaha, Ed. I'll tell Molly that the next time. :-)


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