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Three Things I Should Learn; Or, Maybe Non Sequitur Rambling

One: Slice a mango. 

The other day, the mama bought a box of mangoes from a guy, who might not have a license for selling boxes of such beautiful fruit on the street corner. The mangoes are huge and delicious.  It's a pity, I mangle them when I slice them.

Two: Uh, I forgot.

Three: I forgot that, too.

Slicing the mango? Definitely, should learn to cut one. But will I?

Maybe if I say "Ought to learn to cut one." The way I phrase things makes a difference.  I may actually learn to slice it. This old dog can still learn new tricks.

I learned for instance that if I had said this instead: "I might actually learn to slice it." I would not learn to do it at all. I'm not kidding.

The husband gave me this link the other day so that I would understand the difference in usage of may and might. It's rather interesting. Did you know that might is the past tense of may? I may have known that at one time. Yes, I just might have.

Now, I should go look up how to slice a mango. Maybe, I just might.


  1. Be careful about which "old dog" you get to learn to slice a mango. At least you have opposible thumbs.

  2. i love mangoes. and i perpetually fail at slicing them up well.

  3. You crack me up. But no, I didn't know about may and might. Husband should teach a class to dumb bloggers. Did I thank you for entering this blog under "blogs" in the profile thing? It sure helps me find you faster.

  4. fishducky, thank goodness for opposable thumbs. :-)

    Ed,if we had a tree full of mangoes, then everyone would be responsible for cutting up their own. :-)

    Manzi, you're welcome. I aim to crack up as many as I can in this world. :-)

  5. I'm not sure there really is a good way to cut one.

  6. My husband introduced me to mangos in the last couple of years and I'm in love with them!!! The perfect warm weather fruit!!! Now add them to a bowl of pineapples and strawberries and I'm a happy girl. : )

    ~ Wendy


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