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Playing Gardener

About a week ago, I got a paper bag full of iris bulbs from a woman who runs the community garden in our town. She'd dug up hundreds of them and was giving them away. Purple, white, blue, and yellow. But, I won't know what colors the iris are until they bloom. Yesterday, I had fun planting some of the bulbs in a bunch of baskets of different shapes and sizes. I can just imagine the iris baskets lined up in a row in the front yard come spring.

That is, if they bloom. The few times I've planted iris, nothing happened. I may have planted them too deeply, which iris aren't supposed to like.

The experts say that iris should be planted in September and October for a spring bloom. Maybe that's for another part of the country. 

The experts also say that iris should be planted before the frost. We've had a couple of frosty mornings already, but I don't think the experts were talking about California climate.  A woman at the thrift shop where I got some baskets (25 cents for 2!) told me to cover the bulbs with leaves. That should keep them warm, she said. Fortunately, yesterday morning, I helped the Mama prune the apple tree. Each basket is topped with a layer of apple leaves and apple twigs to keep the leaves snuggly in place. I just hope the iris won't be suffocated. 

So, come spring, we shall see what surprises pop up. If nothing happens, I'll just sprinkle the baskets with flower seeds of some sort. Que sera, sera.

Today's Christmas song is "Carol of the Bells," a Ukrainian carol  performed by the electric Jake Shimabukuro on his ukulele and the U.S. Marine Forces Pacific Band.  Enjoy!


  1. I know remarkably little about iris, considering my mother has been president of her local iris society more than once.


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