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Another Blog, Another Voice?

In several hours I'll be meeting a friend to talk about blogs. Writing them and reading them.

She's thinking about dipping her toe into the blog water. She wants to know if she would ever leave her house again should she venture forth.

I told her it would be the opposite. She'd be out and about, her ears and eyes continually open for post ideas. Fellow bloggers, what say you?

If the friend decides to go for it, she'll be doing it through Wordpress. Until three hours ago, my experience with that blogging platform was zilch, nada, nothing.

Three hours ago, I was very hesitant about getting a grasp of the Wordpress blog basics. But, how was I going to give the friend an idea of what she would be getting into, if I didn't find out.

There is definitely a difference between Wordpress and Blogger, which I've been using for the last three years. The first thing I noticed was how overwhelming the instructions were to do this and that. But, once I figured how to publish a post, and that took a long time, I became more confident.

Guess what? I have another blog. I call it Don't Be a Hippie. My writing voice is a bit different than the one I use here. At least, I think so. Because I was experimenting, I let my thoughts hang out. It was rather freeing. So, maybe I'll keep it for a while.

If you're interested in reading another side of me, click here to go magically there. Hopefully, it doesn't scare you away. Otherwise, I dunno, come back tomorrow. I plan to write about the Giants. Yay, Giants!


  1. Hi my bloggy friend,
    I'll click into your WP blog as soon as I sign off here. I finally got my WP blog up and going, too, but I don't have any followers, yet. How do you get yours going. I don't know if I'm ready to have my blogger readers read the other..... it's rather radical!!!! My other side. I doubt if these readers would be interested. I remember when we talked about how hard the WP was.
    Have a Wacky Wednesday..... Love and Peace too....


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