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Wordless Wednesday: Stepping Out

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  1. You have a good eye for spotting the interesting.

  2. Was that once a like a "boardwalk" that was covered with macadam? That is an interesting picture.

  3. I get this whooshing feeling from it as my head tries to figure out if we're looking down or straight out. Wall? Boardwalk? Fun.

  4. Great photo! I like the textures and the abstract nature of the image - and curious about what the surrounding area looks like...

  5. Maggie, thank you. I lucked out on this one. The sidewalk was not the best, so I had to watch my steps. :-)

    ryoko861, thanks. It's a sidewalk in San Juan Bautista, a small California mission town. I'm thinking the wooden part was the original sidewalk. The city probably didn't want to pay extra for pulling it out.

    Alice Audrey, you're looking down at a sidewalk. Hope there's no more head whooshing if you look at it again. :-)

    catsynth, thank you! Are you from California? It's 3rd Street in San Juan Bautista.

  6. Looks like the cement is growing like the Blob!

  7. Love the different textures on the ground. :-)

  8. Alice, go back to having fun! Whoooosh! :-)

    Colleen, hahahaha.

    stefani, me, too. That's what attracted me to it. I was really happy it translated well in the photo.

  9. You could call this 'Watch your step' - but I suppose you already were ;-)

  10. interesting shot! :) thanks for visiting me...happy weekend! :)


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