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Rambling about my Garage Sale Ramble

I got up early (for me) and headed out to a garage sale this morning. Excuse me, an estate sale. The belongings were those of the widow of the late publisher of our local newspaper, who gave me my first paying job as a writer when I was in high school a long time ago. I was hoping that there might be stuff from the publishing world for sale. But, that was not my intent for checking out the sale.

I never met the missus of my first publishing boss. I did get to know a bit about her this morning as I rummaged around her belongings. She liked Christmas. She enjoyed traveling and playing bridge. She was into doll making and crafts. And, for a costume party, I'm guessing she was Little Bo Peep or some kind of doll.

Because the husband and I are supposed to be downsizing our stuff, I managed to stay focused on my mission. Kinda. I have been seeking cups and saucers to make more teacup bird feeders. I found two perfect sets. Right after I paid for them, I broke one. Ka-pow! I've saved the pieces 'cause I may be able to make something with the fragments. Uh-huh.

At the estate sale, I also bought a hand-crank wooden, iron coffee grinder. It was exactly the thing the husband and I had been talking about getting for those days when the power goes off. Two bucks versus $80 for a brand-new one is a bargain. The husband couldn't shake his head at me for that.

I also got a couple of baskets (which I know the Mama will hog after commenting, "More baskets!"), a springform cake pan, a book about how the California mining towns got their names, and a box of miniature wooden toy soldiers and wheels. Don't ask me what I'm going to do with the last item. The husband didn't, thank goodness. But, painting the toy soldiers in rainbow colors came to my mind when I first saw them.

After leaving the estate sale, I was in the mood for more perusing of other peoples' stuff. Fortunately, there were a few yard sales going on around town and out in the country. I went home first for breakfast. Just in time, too. The husband was making coffee.

An hour later, I headed out again. I had a mission, remember, to find teacups and saucers. I did come home with two cups and one saucer. Also in my booty was a hat box (I've always wanted one) and two ceramic candle holders and a vase, which are in the photo way above. You can see why I couldn't resist those items. At the last yard sale, the owner had a tree full of oranges. I agreed to go back tomorrow with a couple of sacks of lemons in exchange for two bags full of her oranges. What a bargain, don't you think?

Such a great day of rambling. And, it's far from being over.

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  1. Hey Su-sieee,
    I know how you feel about, especially estate sales. I used to love them. That's why I'm having such a problem de-cluttering. Love the coffee grinder. I had one just like it. Happy Hunting...

  2. Love the Vase, I have a passion for Estate Sales and Garage Sales as well. There is nothing like other people's stuff. I also love de-cluttering my house, so the hubby doesn't mind so much when I go out.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, I adore yours and am a new fan.

    "From the Stomach to the Heart"

  3. Hi, Manzi. I headed out to an estate sale yesterday and realized it was today. Ha! It was a nice drive so I didn't mind at all. Heading out soon. Hope there are cups and saucers galore from which to choose.

    Welcome, Kristin! Glad to meet you. Sometimes estate sales are like historical museums to me. I like to look at their collections and imagine what they may have been like. :-)


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