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Happy Labor Day, One and All!

To one and all, thank you!

I raise up my glass of water to all the men, women, and children today and throughout our country's history who have toiled and boiled and troubled to build and maintain our public infrastructure; tend the fields and put food on our tables; create, produce, and sell the goods we use; make sure all business, administrative, and financial services are done; educate and inform us; and perform every other job under the sun. Without sweet willing labor, governments, small businesses, and multinational corporations could not prosper, and the rich could not become filthy rich! May we all have raises tomorrow. 

A gal can dream. I am grateful for a national holiday that honors the American worker. And that's what we all are, whether or not we are employed at the moment and whether or not we are U.S. citizens, permanent residents, or immigrant workers.  I hope you're all having a nice break from your regular routine.

Watching cartoons is a nice break. So, for you, here is a Merrie Melodies cartoon featuring Tweety and Sylvestor. It's called Tugboat Granny.  My favorite part is Granny and Tweety singing about the tugboat whistle. "...A toot, toot, toot doesn't mean a hoot. It's a chugga, chugga, chugga that makes it go."  I think the lyrics are  appropriate for Labor Day.  Thanks to the husband for the find.

Today, I'm linking up at Blue Monday, hosted by Smiling Sally. It's all about having the color blue on your blog. There's definitely that color in the cartoon. To see what other Blue Monday bloggers have posted, head over there, after watching the cartoon, of course. 


  1. I agree-I just wish I had the day off!

  2. LOL I'm Smiling Sally, not Smiling Sunday!

    Happy Blue Monday, Susie! Check out my book giveaway.

  3. Rebecca, hope you have a bit of relief sometime today. :-)

    Whoops, Sally. But, I bet you smile on Sundays, too. Shall go fix it now. :-)

  4. Su-sieee
    Hope you and hubby and Mama had a pleasant week end. Thank hubby for finding the puddy tat cartoon. Haven't heard that phrase for year and years.

  5. we workers don't get honored much these days, just lied to and told things will get better.
    hope you had a great weekend, fellow freelancer:)

  6. Thanks for becoming a follower AND a cute cartoon!


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Thanks for the good cheer. :-)

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