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Yours, Randomly Thursday

I took a spin on my bicycle before breakfast this morning. Just a short one. Just enough to get my heart pumping to my brain so I could think properly. Coffee doesn't do that all the time for me.

I started off chilled, as the fog was still burning. But as I pedaled onward, the less uncomfortable I felt and the more I glanced around me.  White picket fences. Fences blown down. Shade trees of all sorts. Tall, fat droopy sunflowers. City guys pruning trees. Construction guys taking a break from building the hospital expansion. Lone jogger. Aging couple walking tiny dog.

Today was garbage day for some streets. I saw a baby car seat in one can and a wicker basket in another, and wondered how I could revamp them into other things. Fortunately for the husband, I didn't pull them out of the cans.  Passing by the blue recycled cans made me think of the night before when I was taking out our garbage cans.  A mother and child were about to open the garbage cans across the street. She saw me, smiled, said hello, and walked away with her little boy skipping behind her. Much later, I heard the rattle and pings of bottles and such being pulled from the garbage cans across the street. Definitely not good times.

I saw. I heard. I thought. Last night I learned about the death of a classmate of mine from grammar school and high school days. We never hung out back then or even in our adult years. Still I feel a kinship with her because her last name ended with an "E." There weren't many "E's" growing up. Funny what things connect us. Several years ago I ran into Karen. She was pedaling her bike the opposite way that I was walking. I called out to her, which is not my normal mode. We chatted for awhile and I mentioned the "E" bit to her. All I recall is that she looked at me with surprise and then gave me a smile. Today, I think of her smile that afternoon as a gift.

Thinking of Karen as I pedaled started a song in my head. A song by Janis Joplin. This song. Enjoy.

Peace, Karen.


  1. This is just lovely. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. wow, what great descriptions! love that. are you sky diving in your icon? fearless!

    thanks so much for stopping by the cape on the corner, and for your comment on my eggplants. i loved growing them myself! do you grow your own?

    have a wonderful weekend!

  3. I appreciate you stopping by Miss Corner Cape. Yep, I did a tandem dive a few years back. Fun! The mama has a couple of eggplants in her garden. I hope she gets a crop.


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