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What to Feed Wild Baby Birds

Baby robins in our tree in 2009
This morning I was reading this post at Please Be Edible and came across a comment in which the author said that you can feed cat food to wild baby birds, which have been separated from their mamas. I told the husband about the tip.

Said the husband, "Revenge is sweet."

"Uh, wait," he said, after a long bit of chuckling. "I was thinking of cat meat. That's different."


I got curious and did a search for more details about feeding wild baby birds. It seems like more birds are making nests in our trees, and well, I want us to be ready in case something happens. If you're interested, check out these links:


  1. god, i haven't stopped to admire a bird's nest in too long. i must do that. thanks for the reminder.


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