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A Dancing Dream

My last dream was the best.

I was playing the bass at a small outdoor gathering. (I don't play the bass in real life.) A pianist at a black baby grand was accompanying me.

The dream began with me just standing before the noisy crowd, smiling and playing, and waiting for them to settle down. Soon, everyone was sitting. I finished that piece and started into another. The pianist and I had their full attention now. We moved into a samba. I danced with my bass as I played. Everyone got up and danced, too.

Then I woke up.

What a great dream to wake up from.

Last night, I went to sleep asking myself, What shall I write next for this blog? Do I want to keep writing a blog? Where do I want to go from here, career-wise?

When I have questions that make my head go round and round, I post them to my subconscious before I fall asleep. The solution sometimes works itself out the next day. Sometimes not.

I don't know what that last dream meant. But, I like it. I love the idea of dancing the samba while playing the bass without losing a beat.

I am ready for today!


  1. i don't know what dreams mean either. so i go with what sort of feeling i get from dreaming. feels like you got a great feeling. i have similar questions rattling around in my head. not the same, but profound questions for sure. last night, unlike you, i barely slept as i could not let go of so much anxiety in my life and the oncoming future. maybe i should post them to my subconscious as you do. that's an interesting prospect.

  2. Ed, hope you finally got sleep. The anxiety of future. I'm right there, too. Just gotta have faith all will work out.


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