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A Wandering Date

This is how the husband's and my fifth 23rd date started: We sipped coffee and ate chocolate doughnuts.

This is how our date ended: We sipped coffee and ate chocolate cake.

In between:

We went downtown to watch the Portuguese Festival Parade march up and then down. Caffeine and a parade on a Sunday morning. I didn't know I would love that combo. For more photos, click here.

We drove over to the Great San Juan Bautista 2010 Rib Cookoff. Lesson I learned. Do not go to the rib vendor that has barely a line. Oh well, sitting on the curb and bobbing along to the rock and roll music of the Sound Bytes made the sandwich I ate taste better.

The husband stood patiently as I went nuts taking shots of fences around town.

We got back in the car and drove the back roads for awhile.

See those brown specks. Those are happy bees minding their own buzzness.

We drove up a mountain, then down it, only to get out of the car to start walking back up it. But only for a bit.

Enough of a bit to see some tall trees!

And, after the coffee and chocolate cake was eaten,
we headed home to watch us some LOST.

Another great 23rd date! For those of you new dear readers, click here to find out what the 23rd dates are all about. As for me, I wonder where we'll end up wandering next time.


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