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Sunday Food Shopping

Many people visit Monterey to check out the Monterey Aquarium, eat at Fisherman's Wharf, or walk along the beach. All things the husband and I like to do. But, yesterday, we headed over to do some food shopping for organic products because the selection is just limited in our town. I can only hope that one day that may change.

We first stopped at the farmers' market in Marina and bought fresh veggies to last us a couple of weeks. Baby bok choy, Chinese mustard, regular mustard, radishes, chard,  broccoli, avocado, lettuce, garlic greens, yellow onions, green onions, and baby potatoes. Also got ourselves some sweet strawberries and clementines as well as a 10-pound bag of tasty oranges. Ok. We stopped at the kettle corn booth and bought us a bag.

The cost was a bit more than buying at the local Pinnacle Organic Produce Farm stand in San Juan Valley on Saturday morning. But, then, that's what we get for forgetting to go. Still, it was worth driving over yesterday. The weather was just right in Monterey. No sweaters needed at all. And, Monterey Bay was soooo blue.

After some debate, we decided to drive over to the Whole Foods Market further down the road to buy staples we can't get in town, such as brown rice flour, or actually cost less there, such as olive oil. We we got a few fun items, too—habanero pepper Monterey Cheese, do-it-yourself grounded peanut butter, and a jar of organic virgin coconut oil.  Lots of creative cooking to come in this household.

Our best buy of the day was 12 artichokes for $1. Yep, you read right. After seeing fields of artichokes, we had to drop by the Pezzini Farms Stand just outside of Castroville. They probably were on sale because they were on the small to medium size and not 100% blemish free. Didn't matter. The husband, the mama, and I had one each for dinner. Definitely  tasty-licious.  Now to find some artichoke recipes. Any suggestions?

If you're interested in any of the places where we shopped, here are some links for you:
    Marina Farmers Market
    Pinnacle Organic Produce Farm
    Whole Foods Market, Monterey
    Pezzini Farms


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