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One Fine Summer Day

It's summer! The time to hang out with friends and wander aimlessly. The husband and I did just that on our first summer 23rd date . Our friend Kathy guided us up wooded paths to a lake where I saw my first red dragon flies and heard my first bullfrogs. On the way to and from it, we came upon jack rabbits, deer, bugs, yellow-tail butterflies, a slow-going garter snake, and much, much more. What a glorious and, yes, joyous, day! We were walking a path that used to be part of the Wells Fargo route between San Jose and the Pacific Coast. Can't you just see a Well Fargo wagon bumpity bumping down the road? "Dandelions! I rarely see dandelions," I exclaimed. "What do you mean?" the husband replied. "They're growing on our front lawn."  "Not like these," I said. The golden hills of California. We stood and watched this snake slowly make its way across the graveled path to the lawn. We wondered if it had just eaten because its middle part lo

Another Joyous Day!

Dear Readers, HellooooooOooo! Did you miss me? Just kidding. I know you did. Just posting to say I'm back to posting. Today,  the husband and I are heading out to wander and celebrate another revolution around the sun for him. Whoo hoo! One, two, three, everyone: Happy Birthday to the Husband!!!!!  If you haven't checked out the husband's blog yet, here it is: Arrmac's Blog .  Before heading over, hope you enjoy the birthday song! Until later, Su-sieee! Mac

Some Fun and Joyful Blogs to Read

I feel like giving you, dear readers, a break from me today and possibly tomorrow. And, maybe the day after and the day after that. We shall see. In the mean time, I'd like to introduce you to a few writers whose blogs I like to read regularly because of the fun and joy they bring in many different ways. Maybe you'll find their blogs part of your own regular reading routine. Enjoy! Arrmac's Blog . Arrmac is the husband. When he left the 9 to 5 world, he pursued his dream of being a cartoonist. He hasn't drawn in awhile. Not since he started writing career books with me. Hopefully, he'll feel moved again to go back to his drawing board. Until then, he writes about the creative inspiration behind each of his cartoons. It's a great blog, especially for aspiring cartoonists. Ed Pilolla .  Ed is a writer I met through the 2010 WordCount Blogathon, but I only recently began to find myself looking forward to reading his new offering daily. He is one kind of a poet. Yea

Simple Things

Yesterday evening I stood in the upstairs hallway window sanding and gluing cups and saucers together for bird feeders. Yep, dear readers, I've actually attempted my first craft for the summer. But that's not the tale of today's post. At least I don't think that's where this is heading. So, back again to me working by the open hallway window. I was enjoying the long light and soft breeze of the summer solstice evening. I was also liking the sound of the running water below. The husband was enjoying the summer solstice by hand-watering the lawn. Who knows where he mentally transported himself while he stood and inched his way around the lawn with the green hose. The blackbirds who have claimed our lawn as their pasture also were enjoying the summer solstice. They padded along the cement, hopped over the snaking green hose, and walked on the wet lawn behind, beside, and far from the husband. Simple pleasures. It was a great way to end a fabulous first day of summer.

Some Marx For You

Sooo, I like Julius, Leonard, Arthur, Herbert, and Milton. I do. Does that make me a Marxist? Happy Father's Day to all you papas and mamas who are also papas! For one and all, a bit of Chico and Harpo from The Big Store .


Closing the door is sometimes needed to hear quiet for a bit. . . to get things done. . . to move on. . . . Such relief.