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Some Fun and Joyful Blogs to Read

I feel like giving you, dear readers, a break from me today and possibly tomorrow. And, maybe the day after and the day after that. We shall see.

In the mean time, I'd like to introduce you to a few writers whose blogs I like to read regularly because of the fun and joy they bring in many different ways. Maybe you'll find their blogs part of your own regular reading routine. Enjoy!

Arrmac's Blog. Arrmac is the husband. When he left the 9 to 5 world, he pursued his dream of being a cartoonist. He hasn't drawn in awhile. Not since he started writing career books with me. Hopefully, he'll feel moved again to go back to his drawing board. Until then, he writes about the creative inspiration behind each of his cartoons. It's a great blog, especially for aspiring cartoonists.

Ed Pilolla.  Ed is a writer I met through the 2010 WordCount Blogathon, but I only recently began to find myself looking forward to reading his new offering daily. He is one kind of a poet. Years ago, I used to read and write poetry, and some where along the way, poetry and me fell out. Ed's works brought me back. His ability to precisely write about something, such as that feeling of lightening when meeting the one for the first time, is amazing.

Two Hands a Roadmap.  Tara is another writer I met through the blogathon. Many of you dear readers may have already read a sampling of her works when she did a guest post here. She writes about the everydayness of life that we all recognize. Her talent is that she gets us to laugh about it. Her posts are so like butter. 

Carson Brackney.  Yep, another writer  from the blogathon. But, I had read his work before the blogathon. In fact, it was through reading one of his posts that I learned about it. Carson is an online freelance writer. One of the things he writes about is online writing. I gotta like someone who presents the line "Ape shall never kill ape" from The Planet of the Apes as a law for online freelance writers.


  1. Thanks, friend! Can't wait to check out the others. But your break is not allowed to be very long, ya hear?

  2. thanks for the love:)
    take the break you need. looking forward to your return. it's interesting that we found each other at the tail end of the blogathon, and that was an unexpected gift for me as i thought i had 'found' everyone i wanted to and was going to.

  3. Thanks for the mention. It's always great to be placed in good company like that!

  4. You're quite welcome, Tara, Ed, and Carson. I always look forward to reading your blogs. :-)


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