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Today’s Creative Visitor

This week’s prompt for Poets and Storytellers United’s Friday Writings is: The Visitor. Here’s what I came up with, stimulated by today’s every-so-often visitor. 

 A Morning Caller

She drops by from no where

approaching silently, 

stepping stealthily,

suppressing giggles. 

She whispers. 

I didn’t know I had heard

but here I am 

enjoying her flash of inspiration,

cleaning the microwave. 



I’ve a grand update about my Knee Joint Replacement Recovery Update. Happy, giddy news. I danced in the kitchen this morning to Creedence Clearwater Revival, Martha and the Vandels, the Hollies, Santana, and others. My new joint loved it. Knee-haw! 

Off I go to visit other Friday Writings participants. Please, come join me.


  1. Both the story in the poem and the knee update cause for celebration!

  2. Susie, the microwave cleaning was a great segway, I wasn't expecting anything so different. Sounds good with your knee, do your therapy, move the foot back and up as far as it will go. I can almost kick my own behind, for sure squat low.

    1. My left knee was 2011, seven years ago I had to give up golf, my left new joint was twisting too much and it hurt for a couple of days after each time I played. Haven't golfed since.

    2. I told the surgeon I wanted to be able to do four things with my new knee joints. Dance, hike, swim, and bicycle. Dancing a bit the other day gives me great hope of wonderful things coming.

  3. Glad to hear you're healing up.

  4. When the visitor is painless, that is something, indeed, to dance about. :)

  5. Is it the Muse? Can she fill those shoes? I love the image of you dancing again!

    1. The Muse certainly got that old microwave shiny. Just realized housekeeping can be a creative venture too.

  6. Giggles always add wonder to a visit. The same goes for nicely healing joints. I am sooo happy for you!

  7. That's wonderful news! Come on over and will play records and dance to the oldies! Hugs!

  8. ...I'm glad to hear about your successful knee replacement. Yes, Knee-haw! Do they make colorful shoe in my size?


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