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Still Counting. . .Kind Of

Let’s see, my knee surgery is scheduled for December 14, today is November 7, so that makes…what…37 days to go. Oh-oh. I haven’t even begun to clear the surfaces in L Studio, particularly the bed we think we’ll be sleeping on during the first weeks of my recovery. Who knows, maybe I can make it upstairs. 

For that matter, I haven’t made my to-do list for this week and it’s already time to think about about what to make for our main meal of the day. Something out of tofu, black beans, white rice, zucchini, and a portobello mushroom. There are a couple slices of bacon in the fridge, too. This morning I thought about pickling peppers and making kimchi. How time flies when you’re retired. I’ll just put them on my list.

The Husband and I did go for a walk, yaay! We were figuring the shortest way to walk to  the physical therapy clinic where I’m supposed to go for a pre-op session later this month. We are still without a car, so I must think these things out. It’s a little over half mile away which I think is quite doable, slowly and surely, with my knees. And, the Husband’s too. 

Pop, pop…pop went my left knee, the one that will be resurfaced, as we ambled. The surgeon will put in a titanium joint. I can call myself Titanium Sue, hahahah. Do I sound anxious? 


  1. Don't count on making it upstairs right after. I mean, it could happen with help, but don't count on it.

    Good luck on the surgery. Is there any hope of getting a car soon?

    1. Thanks, Liz. There’s a good chance the right used car will come along before then. We haven’t seen anything with low mileage online yet that has us wanting to go check it out in person.

  2. Ooh, titanium! You can pretend it’s jewelry! Seriously though, good luck with the surgery.

  3. Sending you best wishes for a speedy recovery!
    Wren x


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