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At Wits’ End

The past few weeks I’ve been participating in Friday Writings at Poets and Storytellers United,  who are a friendly group of creative writers. Taking part has reintroduced me to that writer long ago who wrote poetry and stories. Why did I feel like it was gone, no more, I was done? Haha, silly me. 

This week’s prompt for Friday Writings is a thinker. I thought I would pass but thinking about it is helping distract me from stressing out. Who would’ve thought? Here’s the prompt: Be witness to these times we are living in and how it feels to be living in them. How does it affect you and/or how do you observe it affecting others?

how does it affect me?


no different than forever

smelling in the background, that aroma of fear, restless 

eager and ready to be manipulated by the greedy. 

how does it affect  me?

these eyes haven’t changed

these features only older

this skin may be less darker

still a potential target

in those fearful minds brainwashed by the greedy.

how does it affect me?

To be senior old?

To know they are multiplying again, the scared, ignorant people who take out their insecurities and their frustrations through violence?

If any of those people decide I fill their stereotype of who to injure, to maim, or to kill, well, it was nice knowing you. 

how does it affect me?

Like always

I live my life

not a victim to anyone,

yet careful and alert.


To check out the other participants, head to Friday Writings.


  1. To think they are multiplying is scary, indeed! We need a more understanding and wise population to reign in this world regarding so many urgent issues.

  2. I'm so glad P&SU has helped you rediscover your writer self! Your poem is sobering – but we live in sobering times. The (very new) election result in Australia gladdens my elderly heart, though, and persuades me it would be good to live a while longer yet.

  3. There's definitely an element of "I've seen this before" in a lot of the lunacy going on today, IMHO. Though in some ways, the more proudly overt nature of the awfulness has made it easier to see who to avoid whenever possible. Be alert and careful is very good advice.

  4. Sometimes trying to put it into words does help to calm the anxiety. It changes nothing outside, but it stills the feelings inside.

  5. I sense every positive element of your personality here ... cheers!

  6. Yeah it's positive to not imagine one is a victim.. sadly these are polarized times that need us to be extra careful... .

  7. Yet careful and alert Indeed I feel the words as I think violence is on the increase Can't believe what happened in Texas

  8. Oh I'm so glad you came back to writing. You are definitely not "done." Please keep it up for those of us who are (merely, but fortunately for us) readers.

  9. Being careful and alert is the ONLY sensible thing for anyone to do in these fraught days.


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