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 I’ve only come around to wearing the color pink. Mama dressed me up a lot in pink when I was a kid, as well as she’d gift me pink clothes when I was on my own. So, yup, no pink for me. I didn’t care that some people thought it was a good color for me. 

I do think pink is a pretty color. It’s a burst of sweetness and light, calm and everything nice. 

Happy Thursday!


  1. Ah yes, you told me to do one thing, so I will avoid that one thing now forever. It would be easy to burn out on a color your mother had you wear all the time as a kid. I'm glad to hear you're finding your way back to it.

    1. People don’t think me as being contrary, petulant, or snipey. Mama knew better, the poor woman.

  2. I've never disliked pink, but I like it more and more as I get older.


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Thanks for the good cheer. :-)

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