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Two-Bench Big Baby!

Please tell me the story again, Charlie. So, he did.

First, let me set up the story.

The time: Fifth grade, the year President Kennedy was assassinated.

The scene: Outside on a school blacktop. Lunch time is over. We, fifth graders, are dragging and carrying the green wooden lunch benches back to their rest place, about 30 feet or so. The quicker we finish, the more time we have to play before the bell rang.

Said Charlie (I’m paraphrasing, of course):

Usually a friend and me take one end of a bench, but this day I thought I could carry it alone. I did! All the way. No dropping, no stopping. I was happy, so proud of myself. I turned around to get another bench. What did I see? You, heading over with one bench under each arm.

hahahahahah. Charlie first told me this story at our 10 year high school reunion. I love it! I have no memory of carrying two benches, moving benches, yes. I’ve no doubt that I could’ve carried one bench. I was strong for a girl, thanks to Daddy having no problem of me helping him in the backyard with the heavy stuff. 

Thank you, Charlie. I miss you.

P.S. The Big Baby reference? An once-upon-a-time for another day, maybe sooner than I think. 


  1. It's amazing the things that other people will remember about you. Although, perhaps they misremember? Sounds like a good memory. And you showed him up ;)

    1. Definitely a good memory, even the one of Charlie telling me the first time. . We hadn’t seen each other in 10 years and within minutes of saying hey, he told me the story.

  2. I was just getting to know Charlie and Lisa, had a great time at one of the reunions with them. Camped in Morro Bay with Charlie, he rented an RV. All good memories, we miss him too!

    1. I’m glad we got to be adult friends, Charlie and I. You and the Mister, too. :-) I just thought how Mama took Charlie into her heart the first time she met him.


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