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Overheard in Line


“I went to the Sanchez Nursery yesterday, but I drove right by. I didn’t see any store, only a huge lot with people walking around rows of plants, so I just drove by. It looked dangerous,” said the young woman to her companion.

Standing behind them, I almost butted in. I thought about saying, “I shop at that Nursery. You have nothing to worry about. The owners are sweet and they offer quality pieces for cheap.” Instead, I checked myself and studied the young woman with her thick, crusty fake eyelashes and her bra straps lighter than the spaghetti straps of her tank top. 

Nope. She doesn’t deserve the lovingly cared for plants at Sanchez Nursery. Not at all. Yep, I can be quite judgmental, too. Me-ow.


  1. What, exactly, was she expecting from a *nursery*? I mean, I would expect more of a field, not a building. Or are my expectations wrong?

  2. Um....she did know it was a place where one buys plants? I've seen these girls with the huge eyelashes and tons of makeup...ughh

  3. Always best to trust one's first instincts.

  4. I've never really shopped at a nursery but I don't have the patience for keeping plants alive

    1. There’s definitely a commitment caring for plants. I’m back at it after years of not. Funny how that went.


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