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All Love

Five years ago, just around 6 p.m., Mama's Spirit soared into the sky and on through the solar system and beyond the beyond and still beyond. 

Ha! It takes a Mama story to draw me back to the blog. Thank you, Mama. Big hugs, everyone!




  1. You honor the Mama, and you honor yourself! Happy April to you!

  2. Hello,
    What a beautiful tribute to your Mama! Take care, have a great weekend! Happy Easter!

  3. A lovely photo tribute to your Mama. Happy Easter to you, have a lovely weekend 🙂

  4. So wonderful to see your mom from all the decades. I miss my mom too.

  5. So sorry for your loss. May she rest in peace.

  6. She definitely lived a long life

  7. Hello again, to the Mama. :) . . . hello gain to the Susieee. :)

  8. Nice tribute. My mother passed 5 years ago too. I wanted to let you know that Anita is thinking about closing down the Thirteen Thursday because there are only the two or three of us participating. Do you think we should let it go? I will still do TT regardless but would miss the connecting.

  9. The photos of your mom are treasures. She looks like she was a kind and loving soul.

  10. I hope her soul is still traveling and seeing all the beauty of the world.

  11. Sweet post. I miss my mom too.

  12. This is a wonderful tribute to Mama. We miss them sooo very much because we have always had them, ever since we can remember. I got here by one of your comments back a while and wondered if you were still blogging, many aren't anymore.
    Here is a poem I wrote about '"a" grandpa and a child', it is sort of appropriate for you and Mama. I wrote it for a tribute to David Bowie but the last verse also will almost bring a tear for Mama.

  13. Love the mama. Have missed you. I’m glad she brought you back to blogland. At my advanced age, I still think of things I wish I’d ask my mom.

  14. Here you are. Been wondering where you'd gone. Lovely tribute to your mother.

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