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Senryu 1.6.2021




  1. What time did you post this? Because this fits today so very, very well.

    1. Before everything went crazy yesterday. Something Eric Trump said yesterday morning got me thinking.

  2. Hello,

    It is fitting for the current events. # 45 is a bully, he needs to go now.
    Take care, enjoy your day!

  3. I do wonder though, how far into the building that mob of white supremacists would've got if they'd been black protesters. :( if the police would've taken selfies with them, stepped out of their way. Some days I think all these political, environmental, health events aren't some kind of cosmic joke aimed at waking people up to what their world really is not what they believe it to be . . . but then I realise that too many other species on this planet are paying the price of our hubris for those events to be just to teach us a lesson . . . perhaps we are the cosmic joke.

    1. They wouldn't have even got up the steps. That's what happened during the BLM protests last summer. The National Guard in full gear and attention stood on the steps.
      Some days I think we're living out a dystopian movie, the days leading up to the big KAPOW. I hope what we saw yesterday was it.


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