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13 Projects

  1. Sow wildflower seeds before the rain comes. (Hopefully we get rain this winter.)
  2. Prune the fruit trees.
  3. Make a paper mache elephant.
  4. Weave a seat and back for a patio chair. We have several old sturdy metal frame patio chairs that the Husband inherited. Alas, most of the plastic straps on the chairs are broken or about to break. I've got loads of material, so why not see if I can weave something stable and safe to sit on. 
  5. Finish this wall hanging. See that big floral piece. I visualize a forest. The Husband says it reminds him of a panty. hahahahaha.
  6. Scan Mama's photo albums.
  7. Reorganize the kitchen cabinets so I don't need to either get the ladder or call for the Husband to reach up high for something.
  8. Clear out unnecessary files and folders in my computer.
  9. Make an estate plan.
  10. Sew a vest for the Husband. I bought the material for the vest at least 5 years ago. It's simply finding a simple pattern for me to follow.
  11. Sew a tunic for me.
  12. Get my blood pressure down so I don't need to take medication.
  13. Sort and put away the many piles in L Studio. This one ought to be the first project to complete. After all, without clear surfaces, how can I work on other projects. Yeah, that's the ticket. 

Let's see how many of these 13 items I check off at the end of the year. For now, come check out Thursday 13 with me. 



  1. I look forward to pics of #4 when you do that. That's an excellent to-do list. You should post it somewhere so you can check those off as you do them ;)

    1. Great idea, Liz! And, I love checking off my lists, too. :-)

  2. Why isn't "Make a paper mache elephant" on everyone's to-go list? #8 is perpetually on my list. I also need a good simple vest pattern to hire someone to make me vests, which I love.

    1. That's a good question, Colleen. Everybody must make a paper mache elephant (sung to the tune of Everyone must get stoned). :-) I cut out a vest pattern last month, but the instructions have me dizzy.

  3. I don't have a list like yours because I'm not sure I can follow through anyway.
    #5 - Your husband is right. It does look like a panty, hahaha!

  4. Some great 'to do' things on this list, I love the idea of Number 3 and hope you post a photo when you have made one :-) I like the first pic, it's very colourful :-)

    1. The picture is from 3 years ago, I think. I love it when the poppies explode in the front yard. You can count on me bragging about the elephant. I'm figuring out how to make its head so it stays on the body and what to use for its ears.

  5. I find scanning photos to be a tiresome chore. I hope you don't!


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