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My Cheat Sheet to Unwind

1. Breathe.
2. Breathe, again.
3. Breathe deeper.
4. Breathe even deeper.
5. Inhale slowly.
6. Exhale slowly.
7. Close eyes.
8. Inhale slowly, exhale slowly.
9. Think of my happy place.
10. Bathwater-warm Pacific Ocean.
11. Bright, lively, colorful fish.
12. Sun bubbles.
13. Peace.

Thursday 13. Click on the link and check out other bloggers' list of 13.


  1. It sounds lovely! We can all benefit by taking time for some deep breathing and relaxation.

    1. I'm heading back into my good habits of deep breathing. :-)

  2. Breathe deep, be in your happy place, enjoy the peace all sounds wonderful to me. Wishing you a happy day and weekend!

    1. I think of you as having found your happy place, Eileen. I love your cheeriness and positive attitude. :-)

  3. I love he way it turns to Pacific water, sun bubbles and colorful fish!

  4. Breathing is always a good place to start.

  5. Thank you for the reminder. I followed steps 1 through 9 and already feel better! ( I miss my Yoga classes and am not good at self-motivation when it comes to exercising on my own. ... and that should be #1 on my checklist.

    1. Sallie, I'm the same way when it comes to exercising. I use my bum knees as an excuse. Bad, bad. Deep breathing uses a lot of core muscle so that i think counts for a form of exercising.

  6. Su-sieemac - I can use this. Every day. Maybe every hour. I find myself clenching - teeth, shoulders. Subconscious, it is. Funny how it takes a conscious effort to undo it!

    1. Cool, Angie.! I'm finding taking the time to breathe deeply a few times a lot more during the day. I stood in two lines today, calmly, and took a change of plan, very calmly, too. Even the Husband noticed.


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