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Molly's Monday #13


Not me. Miao.

I walk under ladders.

I don't care if I walk on cracks.

Black cats better stay out of my yard. Not because I'm superstitious. They're just not welcome like other cats. Miao.


  1. Who would need another cat around with you there, sweet Mol? Loving the classic cat pose.

  2. Makes you wonder if some cats are "furist"

  3. I do love a black cat... my friend in Hawaii has one called Ruby (born in July) that I am fascinated with... but I get it girl ! Gotta protect your space! You are a beauty by the way, bet the papparazi are always pointing cameras at you!

  4. Good for you, Molly. You could try befriending black cats, they are quite sweet, you know :)


  5. Good for you Ms. know what you’re doing😁


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