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Post Flashback: The Utensil Choir

I'm reaching into my archives for today's post. It was originally published on April 24, 2015. See ya tomorrow.
Earlier this month, the Husband and I entertained ourselves while he washed dishes and I dried them. The result was a rundown of the utensil choir. This is the make up of the choir, according to the Husband, a musician at heart.
The soup spoon sings bass.  
The special spoon, which is a Korean soup spoon, sings baritone. 
Teaspoons sing soprano, while tablespoons sing alto or tenor. 
Forks sing four-part harmony, of course.
Salad forks? Three-part harmony!
Knives are tone deaf. When they sing, the sound cuts to the heart.
I didn't want the knives to feel left out, so I let them hold the music sheet for everyone.


  1. Although we were not utensils . . we did sing in the awards choir . . most of us were there for credit . . . one of us had s voice like a parrot . . . so,when it was time to perform, the singers would take their place on the risers. . . then, all alone, our special member would walk with dignity his place on a tiny platform. Then, the director would walk out . . . she acknowledged the choir, turn to our unique member, he would give her a meaningful nod . . as the she prepared for our cue - the audience would turn program pages to read about our unusual choir . . featuring one member on "word endings."

    1. Oooh, that sounds like it was a fun and cool concert. The audience had to have got a kick out of it. :-) Thanks for sharing, G!

  2. You gave this way too much thought. Those are the best days :)

  3. Will they be at the wedding? :)

    1. They go their invitation just now. Thanks for reminding me.

      I'm more nervous than Agathe, the wedding planner, wondering how I shall present it. She made me the designated wedding sketch artist, first for me!

    2. You'll be spectacular, I'm sure! :D


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