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From the Archives: The Wager

Hi ya! Hey ya! Hope all's well with ya. All is well with us. I've been reaching into my archives the last several days so I can play catch up around the house. "I'll do it tomorrow." has finally reared itself into today.  Such is retirement. :-) Have fun out there. I'll be back with a new post tomorrow.

Today's post was first published on April 26, 2014.

I knew the pet store was to the left, so I turned left. 

"I think it's to the right," said the Husband, sitting in the passenger seat.

"No, it's this way," I said, firm in my belief.

"I think it's back that way," the Husband said, firm in his belief.



"I'll bet you it's this way," I said.

"I don't want to bet money," he said.

"Jumping jacks," I said. "When you lose, you do 10 jumping jacks."

"Okay," he said. Here, dear readers, you should note that the Husband does not bet unless he's 100 percent sure he's right.

"And, if I lose. . .," I said. "What do you want me to do?"

"Ten jumping jacks," he answered. Dear readers, you should also note that I do not do jumping jacks.

"Fine. If I lose, I do 10 jumping jacks. But, I'm not losing."

Half an hour later, the Husband stood next to the car, watching me do 10 jumping jacks. He counted them out with me.

After I finished the last one, I said, "I bet you didn't think I'd do them."

"No." The Husband paused. "I didn't think you could jump."

Ha! I should've bet him.


  1. Your husband (from your drawing) looks a lot like this one man I see at work sometimes. (I know they're not the same man, but there's a look about them.) Next time, you'll know not to bet against him.

    1. Maybe a distant relative. He's been told something similar a couple times. :-) His hair and beard are back to being wild. My new name for him is the Wild Man of Borneo. haha

  2. Heh, heh, heh ... great story. Never bet on a 'sure thing'! :)

    1. I love betting against the Husband's sure thing in hopes that it isn't. haha

  3. Oh My . . . I like knowing the two of you are Besties . . .

  4. That’s funny and I hate it when my hubby is right...which is more often than I tell him. :)

  5. Ha, I couldn't do one now to save my life. Is hubby part leprechaun?

  6. Oh dear, I have been in this scene one too many times myself - being wrong, without the jumping jacks!!! Hilarious!


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