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Max, The Monarch Butterfly Kaleidoscope

Hello Visitors from the Blogging from A to Z April 2018 Challenge. This post is for the weekly ABC Wednesday. You can find the letter D post for the April Challenge here
"Oooooh, Edwina, you'll never guess who just committed to do the decorations for Winnie's and Thomas' wedding," said Agathe the Aardvark from the archway of the rainbow gazebo at the Honalee Bay Gardens.

The egret looked up from a bridal magazine. She immediately became excited seeing the huge grin on the wedding planner. "Tell me! tell me! I can't even start guessing."

"It's a regal family who will enchant us all with their gossamer wings of hues of bright orange and black."

Edwina the Egret gasped. She jumped up and down. She clapped her wings with much delight. "The Max Family! Oh my! Maxine, Maximus, Maximilian, Maxima, Maxwell, Maxi, Imax, Max. . ."

"Yes, yes, the whole Max kaleidoscope of monarch butterflies. Because it's a July wedding we will most likely see a mix of second and third generation Max's draping themselves and spreading their wings at the site."

"I'm getting goose bumps," said Edwina.

"What we need to do tout de suite is plant a large number of milkweed plants," Agathe said. "I think Iago the Iguana would be the perfect one to manage that task. Will you ask him, Edwina?"

"He always seems to faint when he sees me."

"Iago will always say 'Yes' to you, my dear. Imagine the magnificence of the monarch butterflies at the wedding."

M is the theme for this week of ABC Wednesday. Check out the meme here and the list of this week's participants here. Thank you much, ABCW team!


  1. The wedding sounds wonderful and I'm glad there will be food for the decorations (the monarchs)....that is the best kind of wedding.

    PS: Bob (the Purple) Martin wants an invitation. (Although he might eat the butterflys).

    1. Tell Bob to simply drop by if he's in the area on the date. Bingo & Bubba Byrd will be monitoring the bird guests.

  2. Love Max the Monarch colorful creation! ~ Exciting wedding coming up!

    Happy Days,to you,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

    1. Thanks, Carol. Everything is lining up one by one. Agathe is the best wedding planner around, for which Thomas and Winnie are grateful.

  3. Su-sieee! Mac, we’ll bring the milkweed. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Fun!
    Hope you are having a great week!

    1. It's been a good one, Lea, thanks for asking. Hope yours is going well, too.

  5. I bet milkweed will be part of the bouquet. Love your picture and the way you coloured everything

    1. Thanks, Birgit. I used colored pencils, pen, regular crayons, and the smeary kind. Also white acrylic paint for the dots. This is so fun! By the way, you've got the Ladies thinking about milkweed now.

  6. Beautiful butterfly composition ! and story !

  7. Magnificence indeed! Loved the wedding card & the must-visit venue :)
    Love your creativity!

  8. sometimes creatures can give the Monarch does indeed

    Have a splendid, ♥-warming ABC-Wednes-day / -week
    ♫ M e l ☺ d y ♪ (ABC-W-team)

  9. It is going to be the Wedding of the Century!!! :)


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