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Surprise, Surprise!

Seriously, I did not see these flowers yesterday nor the day before, and I was working in the section where they are. So, yeah, I was shocked to see them this morning. "Hello! How are ya?" the gorgeous flowers said.

I forgot what the plant is. My friend Google says it's a rockrose plant. Whooo-hoo! It doesn't look at all like the rockrose plant next to the mailbox, which is getting bigger but yet has to bloom. Another surprise to come in the yard. 

This plant that bloomed this morning came home with us last year around this time. It worried me throughout last year. It kept looking like it was about to give up living. My friend Google pointed me to a website of rockrose experts where I learned that the rockrose plant blooms for a month in late spring/early summer and the blooms last for only a day. It's a perfect drought resistant plant and can thrive on neglect. Good to know!


  1. Rockrose, cool name and a lovely flower. I would have said poppy because I know nothing. There's still a lot of brown out there and is supposed to snow in the northern part of the state. I'm actually pretty glad it's cold because there's no room for our Easter lamb cake.
    Have a happy Easter and may more colorful blooms be in your near future.

    1. I think the Icelandic poppies look like rockrose, but I'm not sure. I'll know when they bloom. The two times I've been in Montana were in late June/early July and my memory is that of it being green. My favorite memory is driving over a river or creek and seeing a hawk or something big like that scoop down into the stream to grab a fish. So cool!

  2. Replies
    1. They sure are. The Husband and I were out there this morning wondering if we were looking at the same flowers or new ones. I saw some bit of pink on the ground so maybe one from yesterday had said goodbye already.

  3. I love it when they pop up unexpectedly. :)

  4. Plants that thrive on neglect would be good for my next landscape ...


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