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We Be Retired

Life is good.

Yesterday my retirement check got deposited and our health insurance and car insurance premiums got paid. Today we went to Costco and splurged on beer, potato chips, pesto sauce, potstickers, toilet paper, and Brita filters. Oh my goodness, we even bought a carpet runner for the hallway.

Am I being sarcastic? Facetious? I don't know anymore.

The Husband and I are now in the category of retired seniors on limited income, so buying groceries at Costco today felt like a luxury. Going home, I found myself justifying the purchases by figuring how much we saved by buying in bulk.  

Going through life with the responsible happy-a-go-lucky Husband makes living less scary. I truly believe him when I ask him to tell me "Everything will be all right." The Husband thinks that people ought to eat well because it helps maintain good health. Why should we deprive ourselves of good health, regardless of our income, right?

Yup. Life is good. At the moment the Husband and I are snacking on the potato chips and beer while we play on our computers. It also sounds like a winter storm may be heading our way.


  1. I would like to hang out with you two ... seems we would get on like a house on fire - two 'relaxed' guys to balance out the ladies a bit .... sounds like you are appropriately stocked up should the storm hit (especially the toilet paper)!

    1. Angie, the mischief we could get into. Not to say the guys rolling their eyes as we roll our eyes at them rolling their eyes. lol. The storm never showed unless it came at night while we were snoring.

  2. Replies
    1. They do the trick when we have a yen for potstickers. I think they'll be the main meal today.

  3. That picture is funny:) I love that good food and exercise is a big thing in your home, just like mine:)

    1. That's pretty much our entertainment -- food, exercise (we could do more), and Netflix.

      The Husband is good about posing silly for me. Most of all letting me share with the world. Love that guy!


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Thanks for the good cheer. :-)

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