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Being Spontaneous


I am done cleaning the stove.

This was not a chore I planned. The idea was to wipe the top of the electric stove and the back splash with a very hot soapy rag.

La la la I go and before I know it I have disassembled the stove top and scoured gunk off the drip bowls and then took off the range fan filter to scrub the grease off with baking soda (better than cleanser). Yeah, I know, I can purchase the drip bowls and fan filter at the hardware store. No need to exert extra muscle power. Here's the thing: I'm in the middle of cleaning the stove and there's no guarantee that our local hardware shop will have the precise things. And, if it doesn't, then that would mean a trip to one of the big box hardware stores in the next town, less than 20 miles away.

Wait for it. Here it comes. . . But, if traffic is stop-and-go on the two-lane highway out of our town, which can happen any time of the day, any day of the week. (Nobody wanted to think ahead about the increase in traffic on a two-lane road that would come with the rapid increase in housing developments because out county doesn't have the right kind of industries to employ the people who buy the new homes.) Without many options to turn back or take alternative back roads that would not be going bumper to bumper, all I could do then would be to worry about whether the engine will overheat, due to a non-functioning fan, before we get to anywhere. That's right, I would drag the Husband with me because misery likes company.

Back to the stove. Not only did I do a decent cleaning of the stove top and range, I opened the oven door and gave it a good enough clean, too. The last two times the oven was baking stuff at 400 degrees or more, the smoke alarm woke up. Normally that wouldn't bother me. The other morning I wanted to bake biscuits but I was afraid the smoke alarm would say hello and wake the Husband who needed at least another hour of slumber.

So, there you go. My spontaneous bout of cleaning on a gorgeous Saturday. Not to worry I got some morning sun this morning. Before breakfast, Molly the Cat and me basked in the morning sun for an hour or so while I pulled out weeds. That was something else not planned. I'm glad to know I can still be spontaneous.


  1. Your Unplanned days seem Splendid . . .

    1. Only you would say cleaning a stove is splendid. Love that about you, G.

  2. I've cleaned the top of ours, but not the inside

    1. Gosh, it was gross beneath the stove top. Shudder.

  3. Yeah, not the most fun use of spontaneity .... but good to get it done. I can't clean house UNLESS it is a pretty day outside. I guess because I'm masochistic and like to think about what I'm missing.

  4. There's a certain satisfaction when looking at AFTER the job's finished! :) ... we cut strips of aluminium foil and fit them into the drip bowls, poking holes where holes need to be ... can you do that with yours?

    1. I did do that with the aluminum until last year when the stove-fixer guy said that's not a good idea. But I can't remember why. I suppose I could Google it but if I didn't I could remain ignorant and cover the bowls in aluminum. Less icky clean up afterwards.


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