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So I Am.

One thing about not being out there, being visible, being noticeable, being memorable. People forget that you're there. Until you're not there and someone asks, "Where the heck is the person who sweated this small stuff?"

SO UNFAILINGLY RELIABLE. I'd rather not have that on my tombstone. Shudder.

You might as well etch this beneath my name—DRUDGE.

Yes, yes, I know that the world can't run without us drudges. Did I say I abhor being a drudge? If I had, I would've done something about it long time ago. I would've taken the other path. Each and every time.

I cannot imagine myself as a high maintenance diva. Maybe in a parallel universe I am. Heaven help those people.


  1. You are not a drudge! You are a vibrant woman who loves nature, her mom, her hubby, her pussy cat, tildy, and so much more. You try not to sweat the small stuff and you deal with pain, grief, taxes and every day schtuff:) Divas and others who are not the nicest are known for that whereas you are known for your graciousness and fun spirit. That is no drudge!

    1. I am a drudge who does her dilligence, almost to the point of being anal retentive. Fortunately for me my tolerance level is not 100 percent. I'd say more 72 percent. My saving grace. You dear heart recognize that non-drudge in me. I appreciate that, Birgit. Love ya.


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