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Molly the Cat's ABC Wednesday Movie for the Letter T

I'm with the Missus Lady. I can't decide which movie not to talk about. So, this week you get two thoughtful kindly hearted stories. Both are British films. The Humans really ought to visit the British Isles one day.

This Beautiful Fantastic (2017)
Setting: A British city

Some people classify this story as a modern fairy tale. I don't know why. Isn't it possible for a timid soul to dream possibilities for herself, fall in love with an unlikely person, become almost like a daughter to a grumpy neighbor, and grow a beautiful garden seemingly overnight?

This is definitely a feel good movie. It's also a tearful one for sentimentals like Missus Lady. Hero Man looked quite satisfied with the ending, too.

Their Finest   (2017)

Setting: London, 1940 World War II

Catrin is hired by the Ministry of Information to provide a woman's point of view on propaganda films in production. Proving herself to be a decent script writer, she is assigned to work on the next film which means working with Tom who seems to be always annoyed with her. We know what that means. Tom is in love with Catrin who is married to an artist who doesn't really like her being the breadwinner. Will the couple get together in the end? What happens to Catrin's husband?

The developing and evolving love story is only one part of the movie. Another part is the production of the film starring the aging, pompous leading man Ambrose who must handle playing the supporting part of an uncle, as well as an American hero-soldier who can't act. What to do? And, what do they do about the ending? Catrin thinks one of the young sisters in the story must be the hero in order to pull the audience's heart strings, while everyone else says that the uncle or the American hero-soldier should be. 

A note from Su-sieee! Mac: The letter T is the theme for this week's ABC Wednesday. Click here to check out what bloggers from around the world have written with the letter.

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Their Finest looks pretty good to me

    1. It took me for a loop at the end.

    2. It was a bit of a shocker, wasn't it? ... but in context, it kind of made sense too. :D

  2. I must see both movies as I love Tom Wilkinsonand Bill Nighy. Excellent looking films with themes I love

    1. Bill Nighy is one of my favorite actors. Tom Wilkinson is on the list now.

  3. Seems like one I need to see

    Have a splendid ♥=warming ABC-Wednes-day / -week
    ♫ M e l ☺ d y ♫ (abc-w-team)

  4. I thoroughly enjoyed it. British cinema at its... ahem ... finest. :)

    1. Um ... 'it' being 'Their Finest' :) .. I've never heard of the other one.

  5. Overall I like English movies -this week we watched something we had seen before, but so good, we enjoyed it for the second time (the modern version) of the Sherlock Holmes series. Have a great Thanksgiving, Susie!

    1. I enjoy the current BBC Sherlock Holmes series. I didn't think I would like Cumberbatch as Holmes. He does Holmes well.

  6. Replies
    1. No doubt the librarian angle in the first movie reeled you in. :-)


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