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Important Numbers

I wonder if a day will come when I no longer remember these numbers.

44 — The number of the first address I recall.

242 — Our family's P.O. box when we lived at #44.

711 — The number of the first house that the family owned. Not rented.

637-4735— The first phone number that I memorized. It went to a black phone. At first it was ME(rcury)7 4735.  That phone number went with us from #44 to #711.

What first important numbers do you remember?


  1. I pride myself on being exceptionally good at remembering names, faces and number, and other than various house numbers the two which really stand out in my memory are from when I was a small child. Back then our phone numbers didn't have area codes, they were just listed under the name of the town and the place where my dad worked was Atherton 2351. Also my dad's old army number which my mum would sometimes quote in conversation - 7975765. I don't know why I would remember it as he'd left the army long before I was born, but several years ago, while clearing out my parents' house prior to putting it on the market I came across my dad's old army kitbag - and there was the number - 7975765

    1. That's a cool story about your dad's army number, Eunice.

  2. I remember my old phone number back before the cell days

    1. My brain refuses to memorize our cell phone #. A good excuse for me not to give it out.

  3. 117 - the lot number of the 5 acre plot of land my parents bought, sight unseen, when they immigrated from England to Australia with 2 year old me in tow. :)

    1. I can see a picture book of a two year old and her family immigrating to a new land. The title -- 117.


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