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Surprise! It's an Olive!


Our olive tree has its first olive.

It's a cute little olive.

Our olive tree is two years old, which we bought at our local olive festival in its six-inch pot of glory. It's about two feet tall today. One day it'll go into the ground. My, oh, my, think of all the olives that it may produce.

What shall we name our first lovely olive? How about Daisy?


  1. That's one reason I don't have fruit tree, too much time and work involved for me

    1. You definitely need to be in the right frame of mind to be a fruit tree tender. Took me 60 years or so. lol

  2. Congratulations on the 'birth' of your first olive :) It looks rather cute, and definitely deserves a cute name :)

    1. I just realized that the tree itself doesn't have a name. I hope that's not a major faux pas.


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