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No Sale

Before I could end my transaction at the Stationary Box Store, the clerk held up a piece of paper and asked, "Do you know about the store's promotion for a special protection glass for your iPhone?"

"No," I answered.

The clerk continued his spiel. "Wait, wait," I interrupted. "We don't have an iPhone?"

"We still have a flip top disposable phone," the Husband added.

"This glass can protect your watches," said the clerk.

I help up my bare wrists. "We don't wear watches."

The clerk was quite disappointed.

We weren't.



  1. I've done the same thing myself on a few occasions. The best one was the double glazing salesman who once accosted me with his spiel in a supermarket foyer, saying I could get so many windows at a 'greatly reduced' price - I told him I already had double glazed windows and I got them for free as I worked at the private firm which manufactured and installed them, which was true. The look on his face was priceless :) :)

    1. That was great of your company to give you free windows and install them. I've noticed that companies tend to be more stingy these days.

  2. My cable company kept calling me about getting TV. I lied and said I didn't have a TV. Then the guy tried his hardest and was like "do you have a tablet"

  3. Yes!!! The GOOD LIFE, for sure.

  4. Heh, heh, heh ... we get intermittent emails from our internet provider for great deals on bundled TV channels, (or stations, or whatever they call 'em these days) despite the fact we've never had anything other than the internet with them, and haven't owned a TV for over a decade! :) Poor things get quite befuddled when I explain the last to them ... which is a bit odd because these days so many people use their 'mobile devices' or use their computers, as we do, anyway.

    1. I had us upgrade our Internet provider for faster speed because I thought that was the problem for websites freezing our computers. Ha! I was wrong. It's because we have outdated computer systems which can no longer be updated because of our ancient machines. It's almost like being on a 56k modem again.

  5. This is funny but I'm like hubby and I don't wear watches and we don't even have cell phones! I have to buy a basic pay as you go phone especially with what happened to my mom last week. I had to call from a pay phone and it is just not practical any more. All I need it for is for emergencies and such


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